Posted by Priyadarshini Persaud on 5th Jul 2015

Hello from the desk of Catch 22: Don't Call It A Come Back

So, I'm a pretty young thang (PYT), ha! No really, only 24 and my grandmother always told me that fashion does repeat itself. I'm one who simply loves to buy new things so I pretty much throw everything away each season and start over. Now, I sit here in disbelief that I am finally at the age where I can see with my own two eyes what my grandmother has told me all these years. About 12 years ago myself, I remember wearing what we called "Gauchos". And now, 12 years later...they're back. Shucks, if only I kept all those pants...and most importantly.. if I was still the same size. 

The wide-legged trouser: 'Culottes', ‘Gauchos,’ ‘Bellbottoms,’ 'Elephant pants' or ‘Palazzo pants’ (whatever they may be called) has become a recurring style trend through out the numerous decades of the fashion world. I mean, I won't tell you my mother's age because she may just read this and kick my butt for revealing; but, I even remember looking through her schoolgirl pictures wearing 'bellbottoms' and the same goes for my grandmother PRE-children (meaning BEFORE my mom).

This past year, the international runways of Fashion week were dominated by the ‘boho-chic’ style of the 1970’s. Designers, such as, Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schoelerand, Christian Dior incorporated this classic, wide-legged pants style into their Spring/Summer 2015 collections. High-end stores, like Zara, have continued to stock a ‘more affordable’ version of this ‘bell-bottom’ style. Oh, guess what...WE have some vintage collection from Christian Dior on our site here.

The frequent reinvention of this particular pants style has established ‘the wide-legged trouser,’ to be a fashion timeless treasure. We are sure these will become a must in your closet’s essentials this year. We can imagine that the Wide Leg Trousers will stick around for not just Spring & Summer 2015 but Fall as well.

Don't Call It A Comeback just Get Caught Up



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