Posted by Priyadarshini Persaud on 2nd Jul 2015

Hello from the desk of Catch 22: First blog entry

Just in case you’ve never stopped pass the “About Us” section, we are a life stylist boutique. We style not just your closet with our closet clean-outs, consignment and organizations, but offer personal shopping for you, your home, and your office, as well as brand/market your business.


Now that the standard “Who We Are” is out the way, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I pretty much consider myself a diva. Like so many girls out there I love fashion, I love shopping and love looking and feeling great. I have learned first hand from Catch 22 that you really can do it on a budget and don't have to spend a fortune. I look forward to sharing some of our daily conversations we have in the office with you...let's just saw for now: Some set the trend and some follow.

Yep, this will be so much fun. Stay tuned and Get Caught Up



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